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Triple Horse Studios

Triple Horse Studios was founded by Producer / Director Karl Horstmann to serve solely as the production services solution for his passion... STORYTELLING. Triple Horse is a Content Creation Company with extensive technical capabilities. The Atlanta facility includes sound stages, scenic operations, camera, lighting and grip equipment departments as well as a post-production division with screening rooms, editorial, sound, foley, visual effects, color grade and finishing. All built to ensure excellence and timeliness in each of Horstmann's productions carrying his and affiliated projects from development, into physical production, and completely through the post process.


Karl strives to create an environment at Triple Horse that cultivates creativity, imagination, and originality. The Triple Horse team couples that with a commitment to excellence, experience and state of the art technology for the development and realization of compelling, redemptive and relevant stories for a global audience. 


Our Mission

Collaborate, create and share compelling, redemptive moving-picture stories.  



Karl Horstmann




Director / Producer Karl Horstmann is the founder and CEO of Triple Horse Studios and has produced motion pictures,         television series, title sequences and hundreds of television commercials. He is a producer of the films The Case for          Christ, Vanished: Left Behind Next Generation, Fallen Angel Call Sign: Extortion 17 and The First Noelle premiering this Christmas season. For Television, Karl produced the 2-hour History Channel prime-time specials Return to Roanoke - Search for Seven and the follow-up Roanoke - Search for the Lost Colony. 

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